Night in Paris of the          Morning Valley          World dog show
Leipzig Germany judged by Mrs. G. Werner  9-11-2017
Paris JCAC, JVDH-CH,JWW 2017
and  Crufts Qualified
Paris wins rCAC ,rCACIB in Wychen

Paris 2x CAC,CACIB Groningen

2nd in the group
Paris CAC-VDH-CH Cloppenburg
Jason  CAC ,CACIB in Kajaani Finland

Maple Syrup of the Morning Valley 

              CAC, VDH CH,BOS

          new German Champion 

Claim to Fame Of the Morning Valley 

Clubshow GRCN 10 May

Emma "Midnight Sun of the MV

best Bitch, BOB, CAC,VDH-CH, Kurpfalz Winner in Oberhauzen Rheinhausen judged by Santiago Gadea Castro  

   Night in Paris of the Morning Valley @SRA Hammoor           CAC ,rVDH-CH

Night in Paris of he Morning  Valley in  Bremen CAC,CACB,VHD-CH,BOS

Santa Monica Winning her first JCAC at just 9 months in Hammoor Germany

28/29 sept 2019 Santa Monica wins 2 junior CAC's In Maastricht Ned.

Dortmund 11/12 okt 2019 Nica was 3de and 2nd res JCAC

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